What’s Your Level of Digital Maturity? 5 Tough Questions to Ask Yourself

Posted by Philip Driver on Apr 16, 2019, 10:40:02 AM
Philip Driver

CommerceCentric’s DIY guide to determining your digital maturity

An organisation’s journey to becoming a fully data-led, customer focused, customer value-driving, competition beating powerhouse is a long one. Digital transformation isn’t a “one and done” or overnight process. Neither does it involve adding a few new productivity- or even customer-focused systems in isolated departments. It’s far from a simple box-ticking exercise owned by a solitary directorate.

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Digital transformation requires nothing less than the 100% company-wide commitment to the use of digital technology to continuously analyse and evolve your business model. It means constantly evaluating the way you operate, particularly around customer interactions and the way that value is created. It means integrating digital technology into all areas of the business, not just specific isolated ones.

The secret to getting ahead is getting started

Knowing where to start is always a challenge. But for digital transformation to work for your organisation you need to know what your current level of “digital maturity” is. In other words, which areas of the business are already using digital technology solutions to drive customer value, and which should be, but aren’t yet.

Our years of delivering digital transformation programs for organisations of all shapes and sizes has allowed us to develop a tried and tested process that leads you through the steps.

Part of that process is a Digital Maturity Audit we’ve developed that asks some tough questions of business leaders and department heads. It’s designed to create a consolidated, warts-and-all view of where the strengths and weaknesses lie. To be able to assess digital maturity we need to assess current capabilities, and – more importantly - the understanding employees have of the value those capabilities bring to the organisation and where they fit in the big picture.

The answers, though sometimes hard to hear, are a proven way to deliver a wake-up call to the organisation and start business leaders thinking and working together towards a common digital transformation goal.

Five DIY Digital Maturity Audit questions

According to Deloitte there’s a distinct correlation between digital maturity and improved financial performance. So we know which key digital capabilities have the most impact on customer value. Here’s a snapshot of the areas we address. If you can answer all of the questions fully and honestly, with or without wincing, then you’re ready for the next steps towards your digital transformation.

1. Do you create seamless and personalised customer experiences?

Your customers expect you to serve them when they want and how they want. This may be via mobile devices, apps, web, email, chat and other channels. They expect you to recognise them instantly and continue the conversation where they left off. This goes for B2B as well as B2C. Are you connecting the dots across devices and between online and physical experiences – at scale?

2. Are all your decisions informed by insights derived from data?

60% of marketing business leaders feel that data attribution is essential to understanding customer journeys. Because to build a better relationship with your customers you need to understand them better. Do you have a cross-channel view of your customer behaviours and engagement? Are your marketing, sales and service teams aligned around this data?

3. Does your organisation have a “digital mindset?”

This is the backbone of any digital transformation. A digitally mature organisation has ditched the old ways of working and adopted a culture of experimentation, of challenging best practice, and continually improving business models based on what customers demand and what competitors are doing. They’ve created a habit of looking at old problems with new eyes and solving them in new ways. They are constantly moving forward, adopting new processes, strategies and technologies that support their customer value objectives. Is this you, or are you stuck in the old silo-led mentalities?

4. Do you have a single set of KPIs that unify your customer value-driving efforts into a single view?

Every business has KPIs. But a digitally mature business has developed a way of measuring digital transformation performance at a company wide level. A digitally mature organisation has realised that traditional KPIs are too short-term focused and tactical. They’ve evolved a whole new set of unified KPIs that measure return on digital transformation to make the necessary course corrections and improve success rates. They’re measuring their digital proficiency, customer value across every department, and their return on innovation. Are you providing your leadership team with a bird’s eye view of customer value?

5. Does your digital transformation project have board level approval – and ownership?

For the whole business to understand that digital transformation is a priority, you must have support from the leadership team. This makes cross-company collaboration easier as well as enabling shared use of assets such as technology platforms and budgets. Experience proves that the more comprehensive and co-ordinated an organisation’s digital transformation efforts are, the more those efforts are likely to succeed. Are your digital ambitions being hampered by a lack of focus, funding and leadership attention?

Digital Maturity Audit

Our audit is deliberately designed to make organisations take a long, hard look in the mirror. It’s only by doing so that you can see your way forward to digital maturity. To see how our audit works in action, take a look at what we did for RETO MOTO.

To learn how CommerceCentric can help you get to grips with your digital maturity, contact us for a free assessment.

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